Dated: 16-Jan-2019

8 st Thomas Walk: Some Useful guidelines and insights for you

8 St Thomas Walk is a freehold condominium located in District D09 of Singapore city exactly in the center of Orchard Road in very close proximity to renowned shopping malls like Takashimaya and the Great World City MRT Station. Here you get complete access to a plethora of facilities like a huge number of recreational centers near the Singapore river, ease of travel throughout the entire length and breadth of the country with the help of expressways that are very near to it not to mention the numerous restaurants where you will find a variety of culinary delights. This place is a tourist hotspot where you will find a vast array of art masterpieces at Orchard Road due to the famous artworks that are put on public display therein. If you are interested in knowing more relevant information about this condominium and happen to fall in the list of potential future owners, then read on to clear any possible doubts that you may be having about your next move in this regard: 1. The 8 St Thomas floor plan provides you with exclusive facilities including lounge pool, spa alcove, lap pool, kid's playground, tennis court, gym facilities, steam room, sanctuary pool to name just a few. Additionally, here you can get 1 bedroom to 4-bedroom units that are specially designed to surpass the expectations of even the most affluent and wealthy individuals with their superior quality appliances etc. This condominium which consists of about 250 freehold units along with a couple of additional blocks at two of its tiers comes with an impressive exterior with sky gardens as well as an absolutely clear view which you can get from here of nearby scenic attractions like the Singapore River Area. 2. Here you can receive any visitors without going outside right from the luxury of your own personal residence since we provide you with facilities like lounge areas from a number of sky gardens and with our penthouses which you will not get anywhere else there will never be a shortage of room for you. Our prices are much lower than similar high-rises in the same area and you can be easily assured of getting way more returns on your investment plans than what you had planned initially. 3. Here you get access to lucrative facilities like world-class educational institutions like Anglo Chinese Junior School, Raffles Girls' Secondary School, ISS International School and others, globally reputed malls and eateries like Great World City, 313 Somerset, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Zion Riverside Food Centre, Havelock Road Block 22A Food Centre, Beo Crescent Block 38A Market and Food Centre, Tiong Bahru Market etc which should garner your attention enough to prioritize this condominium over others while considering your future course of action in this context. Hence you can register your interest and contact us without any further ado if you want to have a truly unique experience and feel the joy that living in your dream house brings. This is where you can get every aspect of the good life that you always craved for as no stone is being left unturned to fulfill your every desire and requirement here. So if you are looking for a residential complex in this area, do consider and weigh your available options very carefully. For a brighter and happier future, make the right choice and reach out to us now!

Dated: 10-Jan-2019

RV Altitude floor plan: What You Can Look Forward To About This Upcoming Project

RV Altitude is the most recent venture of Roxy Pacific Holdings Pte.Ltd. It is going to be a freehold residential condominium situated right in the center of River Valley Road. Going by their prior reputation and goodwill in the construction of similar housing apartments, buyers related to this industry have sky-high expectations from it and going by its past developments, it will most likely more than live up to those. Our main reason for recommending it is because it is being planned right in the middle of the posh area of district 09 due to which you will be in the most happening part of Singapore if you choose it. All those facets of city life that the ultra-privileged enjoy like nightspots, shopping centers etc will be available to you here. Here are some more details of the RV Altitude Floor Plan which might be of special interest for you if you are a potential future buyer looking for the same: 1. Since the development of this project is still underway the specific information regarding its precise layout structure and the distribution mix of its floor units will not be disclosed to you until the official launch date arrives since certain decisions are subject to changes till then. If you want to keep yourself constantly updated with the ongoing project developments make sure that you get yourself registered immediately. 2. Going by the nature of the information available at present which is mostly about similar type of luxurious apartments in the proposed location, i.e. district 09, you should be expecting a very well-known unit distribution design comprising of a compact and premium 2-bedroom and the much-in-demand and highly prestigious dual-key units consisting of 2-bedrooms. 3. If you are aware of the apartment site, then you can go in expecting a prominent tower facing in the north-south direction, opposite River Valley Road or Orchard Boulevard. 4. Then comes the major challenge of making the right unit choice which can prove to be quite arduous given the huge range of available layout options to choose from. If you are an interested buyer of condo apartments in the River Valley Road, then you could potentially be aiming to invest in property for earning rental yield or income or you could be having a small family and house ownership. Due to this, you can find a unit mix of floor plans which caters to the interests of both these customer groups. This is the core specialty of this future project where each and every unit is a different version of a 2-bedroom unit to suit your interests. This is one thing which you just cannot overlook while making your buying decision. 5. Moreover, the estimated price is not more than other premium condominium apartments that you can find in this area and given the brand reputation and goodwill of the incumbent property developer associated with this project you simply just cannot ask for more. So, what are you waiting for? Do get registered to show your interest now so that you get special early bird offers etc and all the formalities are completed properly and in time. So, if you want to induct yourself into the elite club of the super-rich and famous in Singapore, then act now! The life that everyone dreams of living one day is ahead of you. So make sure that you don't lose this invaluable opportunity. Go ahead and make every moment count!

Dated: 13-Dec-2018

Stirling Residences floor plan: What makes this condominium another name for blissful indulgence

Privilege and luxury have a new name in the form Stirling Residences situated in Stirling Road which is just a stone's throw away from Queenstown MRT. It will be a chain of three remarkable highrise towers with some exquisite features like sky terraces, roof gardens etc. If you are looking for an ultra-privileged residential environment which is serene and offers breathtaking and exotic scenic beauty from its premises but yet is in close proximity to the ever-busy and active urban dwelling, then there just cannot be a more convenient location for you. This 99 Years leasehold condominium situated in District D03 of Singapore allows you unparalleled facilities along with a chance to peacefully introspect and take in the beauty of nature so that you can keep up with your hectic schedule by staying fit and active all the time. Here you can have a crystal-clear view of both the sea and the nearby lively city from units facing in both the North and South directions and literally have the cake and eat it too. The attractive prices of this condominium serve as the icing on the cake which only an extremely lucky and select few can enjoy. If you want to be among them and are looking for more details regarding Stirling residences floor plan, then you have come to the right place if you read on: 1. Along with providing easy access to MRT stations and the important expressways in this area, it is also situated at a very strategic location which is the core of Singapore Central Business District. Additionally, from here, you need only a single MRT to reach Marina Bay Business District. So it is no wonder that its rental demand is huge, to say the least. Rest assured, it will be more than worth your time and investment. These towers which comprise 3 blocks with 40 stories each allows you to enjoy the benefits of being near to shopping malls, prestigious academic centers if your children go to school etc. This project is the brainchild of Chinese developers and is a joint venture between Logan Property and Nanshan Group and is scheduled to be completed by 2022 with a possible preview launch in the second half of this year. 2. It is being designed to provide you with a wide range of facilities that only the ultra-rich can afford to enjoy like spa, aqua gym, yoga lawn, meditation park to name just a few at prices that you will find hard to believe. The top-notch goodwill and reputation that its developers have in the industry can assure you of its superiority and ingenuity in terms of the quality of services that it offers. You will have a hard time finding it's like anywhere else at similar prices. Here we can offer you the chance to enjoy a prestigious position in your society along with the chance to pursue and give shape to your personal hobbies or interests with full zeal. Its convenient location means that numerous amenities like HarbourFront Centre, Orchard, Botanic Gardens, Labrador Park, Queenstown, and others are just a short walk away for you. 3. Artificially designed environments that you can access here in the form of virtual spaces or habitats like tropical and fern forests will allow you to discover yourself and enjoy a lavish lifestyle fit for royalty. Then the health and golf clubs and swimming pools are there for your relaxation where you can let your hair down after a stressful day and get yourself ready for the next. The massage and meditation centers at the spa will further take this experience to a whole new level for you. Also, you can create some truly wonderful memories here with your social circle as here we have some truly unique outdoor facilities which will make each and every day that you spend here an experience of a lifetime for you. If you are a family person and have kids, then we have got playgrounds and clubs especially meant for children that will ensure that they enjoy their childhood days to the fullest in a safe and secure environment and cherish these fond memories later in life. 4. At Stirling Residences, the layout of the floor plans has been designed and structured in such a way that space will never be a problem for you. This is your first one-of-a-kind perfect home where every apartment is bestowed with only the best quality appliances brought from abroad which will give a whole new dimension to your living standards. Then we have got the latest technological innovation in the form of Smart Home Technology which allows you to keep your home under constant remote surveillance and offers services like lightning control, smoke detector, motion sensor, IP camera along with one unit each of IP intercom and Smart Digital Lockset which you can get at the main entrance. The smart air-conditioner control system with special inbuilt features in your living or dining and master bedroom along with specialized smart community services consisting of instant booking for all your daily needs and prior registration of visitors through mobile applications etc will give you a home that actually cares about you. Our service-providers will never ever give you a chance to complain about their 24/7 availability and efficiency which is at par with the best if not more. So, if you want to aim for the sky and dare to reach out for the stars, then this condominium apartment should definitely be on your must-buy list. Watch out for this upcoming extraordinary project and register your interest with us as soon as possible and elevate your lifestyle and social standing to a celestial pedestal. Make the right decision now so that you don't get any chance to regret later on in life!

Dated: 13-Dec-2018

3 Steps to Successfully Selling Old and Buying a New Home at the Same Time

A homeowner, who is planning to buy a new home after selling his existing dwelling, must know the key steps of the process to make a hassle-free transaction. It is, in fact, wise to do some research before you jump into buying your next home. Not always but oftentimes, you might not get the situation or timing perfectly aligned. Ask the folks in your neighborhood who had recently made such transaction of owning their new home, they will give you the nitty-gritty details of their home buying process - how stressful it could be. So, before you walk in to the show flat for Woodleigh Residences, do find out more about The Woodleigh Residences prices, and know the basics of buying and selling your home at the same time. To ensure your home buying experience is as smooth as possible, you can keep these essential steps in mind: 1) Have an Understanding of the Real Estate Market in Singapore Whether you are planning to sell you current home or looking to buy a new condominium unit in Kent Ridge Hill Residences or a Semi-Detached House in Belgravia Green, you must have a fair understanding of the Real Estate market in Singapore. If you want to make a fair deal when selling your home, understanding the market will enable you to better position your property, therefore, enabling you to get the most value out of your property. 2) Know the Current Property Prices in Singapore If you want to sell your home first, you must know the current property prices in Singapore. Take homes for sale in 8 St Thomas Walk for instance, are you aware of how much the houses in the neighborhood are selling for. Also, keep an eye on other homeowners' offerings. Take a look at the properties and homes listed on the property listing portals in Singapore to understand where the property market in Singapore heading towards in terms of price. Being aware of the property prices will prove to be of great aid in the course of buying and selling a home. 3) Assess Your Finances Once you are aware of the real estate market and current property prices in Singapore, now comes the step of assessing your finances. How much cash proceeds you can get from selling your existing home and what it will cost to buy a new home in Singapore. Do the rounds at nearby showflats for Mont Botanik Residences, if you have the plan to buy a flat in Mont Botanik Residences. Figure out how much you have and consult your real estate agent or mortgage banker about your finances if you need help. Buying a new launch private property after selling off your existing home is one of the most popular approach in Singapore. The unit's selling prices for The Woodleigh Residences, Stirling Residences and various other new launch developments in Singapore are quite similar. But to financially qualify the price bar, you will need to first decide on your budget. Sell your current home and rent a place to stay until you receive keys for your new home for Affinity at Serangoon.

Dated: 13-Dec-2018

3 Easy Tips for Getting Easy Approval for Your Home Loan Application

Not all home-buyers in Singapore have enough in their pockets to bag their dream-home all by themselves without any additional financial assistance. A home loan can come in handy in the course of home buying. Getting your home loan approved in Singapore is easier said than done. If you are seeking to buy a unit in Mont Botanik Residences, you can get your home loan approved up to 75% of homes price in Mont Botanik Residences. Here, we are putting together some easy pointers for prospective buyers that they can assist themselves with to get the easy approval of their loan application. Let the following points be your guide if you are trying to arrange funds to buy your new flat in 8 St Thomas, Affinity at Serangoon or Woodleigh Residences: 1) Keep an Eye on the Current Market Conditions and Government's Banking Policies A mindful home-buyer keeps an eye on the current real estate market condition and government's banking policies in practice to predict whether his loan application will get approved or not. The stability of the real estate market is the indicator of easy credit availability both from private finances and public-sector banks. Before you decide to purchase a unit, do check out the Woodleigh Residences Floor Plans, see if the layout meets you and your family's requirements, make sure that the real estate market in Singapore is stable, especially in the region, e.g., Jui Residences, Kent Ridge Hill Residences or Woodleigh Residences. With a stable market, you have more chances to get loan approval at favorable interest rates and loan terms possible. 2) Stress on Building a Credible Account History To make the most of the financial services offered by a bank or other financial institutes, you need to ensure that you have a good credit history. Credit history reflects your credibility, enabling a banker to decide in your favor when conferring a banking facility; say a home loan for instance. Regardless if you are looking for a unit in Treasures at Tampines, Affinity at Serangoon or Park Colonial, if you are not filthy rich, you will probably require a loan to buy your dream home with your desired floor plan layout in Park Colonial. So make sure that your account holds a credible banking history. 3) Keep Your Documents Ready Being prepared beforehand is the best approach in getting your loan application approved when planning to buy home in 8 St Thomas or anywhere else in Singapore. Irrespective of homes price in 8 St Thomas and your loan requirement, there are some essential documents to be submitted at the time of applying for home loan. From 'Income Tax Assessment Notices' to 'Copy of NRIC' or 'Passport and Digital Payslips' to your income proof, keep all documents ready to submit with the loan application form. You will be required to produce all the necessary documents before a banker when asked. So keep them all ready to avoid the automatic rejection of your loan application. Follow the above tips and you can ensure a successful approval of your loan application to purchase the home of your dream.